Marlen Tejeda

Dr. Marlen Tejeda is an educator, independent educational consultant and social change facilitator in Conroe, Texas and Montgomery County.

Marlen is the volunteer City of Conroe Hispanic Liaison, she actively contributes to the creation and promotion of diverse programs related to the Hispanic community. Among these programs are free adult educational programs such as English as a Second Language courses, free GED and free citizenship classes. Marlen engages in improving the working conditions of the day laborers, advocates for gender equality as well as social assistance for the terminally ill.

Dr. Tejeda is the founder and Chair of The Conroe Hispanic Task Force, Vice Chair of the Greater Conroe Latino Chamber of Commerce, volunteer administrator of The Day Labor Site, volunteer Board Member of The Oscar Johnson Center, volunteer Deputy Registrar in Montgomery County.

In May 29, 2008, Marlen was honored by receiving the “President’s Call to Service Award” from President’s Bush Council on Service and Civic Participation for dedicating more than 4,000 hours to serve others at home or abroad.

In November 17, 2005, she received the “Ohtli Award” from the Mexican government. The Ohtli award is the official recognition and the highest award bestowed by the Mexican government to individuals who have contributed to the empowerment of Mexican and Mexican-American communities in the U.S.

In May 26, 2005, Marlen also received a Proclamation by the City of Conroe proclaiming May 26th as MARLEN TEJEDA DAY in Conroe, Texas.

Dr. Tejeda presides over and collaborates with various non-profit organizations to offer the best resources to benefit the citizens of Conroe and Montgomery County.

Whether participating on a court committee to assist troubled teenagers, preparing U.S. residents to become citizens or registering voters of all ages, she is honored to serve the community she calls home.